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Idea Explosion Writing Prompts   All five products on one sales page. The buyer can choose from 5 different writing prompt books or a set of all the books for a reduced price. The individual books are $21.00 and the full set is $48.00. 50% commission

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The Perfect Solution For Writers Block
How I Come Up With Best Selling Ideas For Books
Having Trouble Coming Up With An Idea?
500 Brilliant Ideas For Your Next Book
Fantastic Ideas To Get You Started On Your Book
Don’t Worry Your Ideas Are Here
Let Us Do The Brainstorming For You
Hear That? That’s The Sound Of A Brainstorm!


Normally, I don’t have trouble figuring out what to write about. Ideas seem to just pop into my head.

Once in a while, though, for the life of me I can’t get a story idea. No matter what I do, a good idea just doesn’t happen. My brain goes blank and I stare into space for hours, then give up and do something else. Maybe another day…

Have you had this problem? Wracking your brain to try and figure out an idea for a great story?

I created the Idea Explosions bundle to help.

5 PDF files filled with 500 ideas for 5 different genres: historical, science fiction, fantasy, mystery and romance. That’s 2,500 story ideas!

With these 5 books, you’ll never go without a great idea for a story again.

Best of all, the bundle, normally $148 is on SALE today for $24.27!!!! That’s 80% off.

This is the only time you’ll find this bundle on sale at this ridiculously low price. 

Get your copy NOW because this is an insane bargain and it won’t last long.

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Got writer’s block so bad you can’t even come up with an idea for a book?

Need some help?

Over 500 brilliant ideas to help you overcome your barrier to getting started

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Have you need staring at the screen all day long, trying to come up with a good idea for a book?

Are ideas just not coming to you?

Or you want to try something new and fresh?

Well, help is on the way…

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Swipe #3

The first, and most important, step to writing a book is getting the idea.

That can be difficult for many writers.

They’ll sit there for hours, days, sometimes weeks,

not knowing what to write.

Does that ring a bell?

Don’t let that stop you from writing a great book!

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